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About Us

About Us

I am Ryan and I started 8Culture in 2015 while I was living in Bangalore, India.


I have always loved sports and growing up in NYC I had access to lots of organized sports, and I tried quite a few.

Living in India I realized that most kids do not have any opportunities such is the environment and society. From this developed 8Culture.


At 8Culture, we provide disadvantaged kids with an opportunity to play and develop a passion in sport. Benefits include staying healthy, staying out of trouble, making friends, learning teamwork, and just having fun.


We all take the resources we have for granted, through 8Culture we want to bring these resources to kids who do not have them. 8Culture is focused on Social Impact:


- Raise cultural awareness through impactful designs and images that we will make into t-shirts and other gear

- Raising funds through the sale of t-shirts, other custom merchandise & donations and directly purchasing much needed sports equipment and other school supplies for kids in need


The first school we worked with in Bangalore in 2015 and was by a family who have devoted 30 years of their lives to orphan kids. 8Culture provided cricket, football, badminton, volleyball, and basketball equipment as well as some games. The impact was huge. 8Culture is now engaged with a number of schools and organizations in Bangalore and Pune, India and New York, USA.


See picture below of our first school visit, that’s me in the yellow soccer shirt on the left!

With the kids of Bangalore, first 8Culture event. It was an amazing feeling to be able to help the kids, the joy and excitement we seen first hand was the reason why we started 8Culture. We get the same response at every event and we want to drive this awareness and continue to make a difference.


Follow us on social media, read our blogs and view our gallery to see the work we are doing.


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